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Calling all volunteers!

We are always looking for volunteers and community participation in our project! We have had a couple Saturday Work Days so far where we had individuals from Texas A&M’s student organizations come out and get their hands dirty.

On our first work day we focused mainly on cleaning up the garden and preparing it for the transformation! There were beautiful wild mustang grape vines and flower pods growing all over the fences surrounding the garden. Unfortunately the mustang grape vines were cut previously but during this work day we got a chance to cut back the flower vines a bit and tame them into a beautiful border. We also cleaned up a thicket that was located on one side of the garden where we plan to put up a pallet wall and we got down all of the dead mustang grape vines. The garden spaced looked so tidy after our first day and we were ready to work with our new, clean canvas!

On our second day we hosted a volunteer from the Construction Science department at Texas A&M University. Our amazing volunteer, Paul, worked with Zach a lot to construct some pallet beds. He was a really big help and their manly, construction-y brains put together resulted in some really awesome plants for our pallet beds. We made a lot of awesome progress thanks to Paul! He’s our star!

We had another work day recently where we put together the window boxes that will be mounted onto a frame on one of our fence walls. You’ll here more about this in an upcoming How-To blog post so keep your eyes peeled!

We have a lot to do in coming Saturdays so if you’d like to come out and help please do so or feel free to contact us to set up a group volunteer day! In the coming weeks we will be doing a lot of construction of beds and window boxes but after that we will be doing less skill-required tasks like painting, filling beds with soil, and planting. If any of this sounds strikes your fancy definitely let us know- we’d love to have you!

Best Rhubarbs!


Pilot Garden

So, What is the Pilot Garden?

The Pilot Garden is a hope and dream that is going to fill many, many purposes in Downtown Bryan! So in many of these blog posts you will hear about the work and progress in the Pilot Garden and I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and explain what that meant and its many purposes so that construction progress will get you just as excited as it does us!

One main purpose of the Pilot Garden is to be a demonstration garden. A main component of this entire beautiful project is to educate the community about growing vegetables. Gardening is surprisingly simple and can really enhance your life! We want to show you this and several techniques that you can implement in your own backyard. We will have things like raised beds, window boxes, pallet beds, and mason jars. We want you to also see that you can use household items to grow healthy food.

With the sheer beauty of having veggies and plants growing all around – the garden with also beautify the Downtown area. City beautification is a big part of this project. Using nature to make urban areas beautiful is a really popular and logical idea these days and Bryan wants to be a part of that movement.

Another use for the garden is a venue. It has an old loading dock that we are going to transform into a stage. Bands will be able to play there which could open the garden up to being a small concert venue or even just an event that has a band playing. We would love for this garden to be thought of for formals, reunions, banquets, concerts, and other events- big and small.

The garden will serve as many things but the most important is that it will serve as a stepping stone for this whole Distributive Urban Farming Initiative! First step Pilot Garden, second step vacant lots, third step the world!

Best Rhubarbs!